5 Simple Steps For Buying A Furnace

Maytag furnace

For some of us this is the first time we’ve had to replace our heating equipment. Sometimes this can become a complicated overwhelming first experience. Here are 5 simple steps to help you with the process of buying a new furnace.

STEP # 1

Get in touch with a professional HVAC contractor

We recommend choosing only HVAC contractors with the proper credentials. Imperial Energy holds all current and up to date certifications and memberships. This does not guarantee the quality of anybody’s work, you should background check their reviews or see if anyone you know has used their services.

  • Members of the HRAI
  • TSSA certification
  • Members of the local BBB
  • Maintain appropriate insurances including WSIB
  • Properly trained and certified technicians

STEP # 2

Think of problems you want to address

Changing your furnace is an opportunity to address any performance issues or make additional upgrades to your existing system.

  • Is your furnaces distributing air evenly?
  • How is the air quality in your home?
  • Is your old furnace loud?
  • What about adding a heat pump or upgrading my ACat the same time?
  • What about adding a more advanced thermostat?

STEP # 3

Have the installation requirements assessed.

We would consider installing a furnace rather routine. However each home can present it’s own set of challenges and must be professionally assessed.

  • How do we vent the new furnace?
  • What size furnace and feature sets are most suitable
  • Is there sheet metal work required?
  • If your existing unit is conventional vent. You may need a chimney liner or a water heater upgrade.
  • Are there any code issues that need correcting?

STEP # 4

Get a written quotation or proposal

Its seems obvious. However it is important that you receive a written proposal that outlines the scope of work to be completed at your home. A proper proposal should include:

  • The equipment and the model numbers should be indicated
  • Any additional work to be completed such as a return air boot replacement.
  • Any extra materials included such as venting or condensate pumps.
  • The warranty provided should be clearly indicated.
  • Brochures or submittals should be included with the proposal.
  • The pricing and any legal fine print or government required documents.
  • Any additional notes relevant to your job.

STEP # 5

Think about how you would like to pay for your new system.

We provide clients several convenient ways to pay for their new system.

  • Cash, Cheque or Credit. This includes interac-e transfers when the amounts are not too large.
  • Progress payment schedules for large renovations or new construction jobs.
  • Rental plans are available. Great for landlords.
  • Financing plans are available
    Financing takes only a few minutes to get approved and can make a large purchase easily affordable.


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