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Air conditioning repair

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Markham And GTA's Best AC Repair Service.

  • 24/7 Emergency service in the GTA
  • Air Conditioning repair, service or replacement
  • Standard AC systems
  • High Velocity AC systems
  • Ductless Systems

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Trained Professional Technicians.

Imperial Energy employs only top experienced professional technicians. They are fully certified and insured and are required to keep all training qualifications current. They are sure to have your unit up and running like new within no time.

Fully Stocked Warehouse

Don’t get left out in the cold! Unlike many other HVAC companies, we have a large warehouse with fully stocked equipment. So if your unit is not repairable, we can install new equipment the same day.

Air conditioner Symptoms

Signs Your AC is Failing.

If these indicators sound familiar and have you thinking about behaviors of your own unit call Imperial Energy at 1-800-925-7868. Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. With our experienced staff and quality products, we are sure to have your unit up and running like new within no time.

The whoosh of delightfully cool air is the only sound you should hear your air conditioner produce. When the normal hum becomes a series of scrapes and squeaks, it may be time to consider repair or a new air conditioner installation. A loose belt or unlubricated inner working may be the culprit of your unit’s new tune. However, if you encounter sounds of grinds and gristle, you may need a professional to take a look at the motor.

Immediate air conditioner repair may be needed if you encounter strange smells coming from your unit. Odor implies a serious problem that could potentially be dangerous to you or your home. If you notice a musty scent coming from your air conditioner, an overgrowth of mold could be the culprit. Mold spores growing within your unit can get into the air and are often dangerous when inhaled. In addition to a musty scent, an electrical or burning smell can indicate overheating of the insulation and wires within the unit and, if not rectified, could lead to irreparable damage or fires.

An air conditioning unit is built with the ability to combat inevitable moisture buildup by removal. When you begin to notice moisture buildup and leaks, it may be time for an air conditioner repair. The drainage tube that typically removes the buildup of moisture may be broken or blocked and can easily be remedied by a professional. However, the situation could be more serious if you have a refrigerant leak and in this case, a new air conditioner installation may be the safest option.

Perhaps you find that the air flow produced by your unit is weak and cooling an entire room takes hours. A broken blower fan may be the culprit and require you to seek a repair. If your unit just isn’t working as well as it used to, and the air just doesn’t seem cold enough, you may be facing depleted refrigerant levels or a failed compressor. If your unit is failing to fulfill its primary function, it is time to think about an air conditioner repair or replacement.

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