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Boiler installation

Boiler Replacements & New Installations.

Replacing your old boiler?

Boilers are still widely used as the heating source for many Toronto and GTA homes. They are versatile, multi-functional and efficient heating sources. Boilers do have a long service life, however when aging boilers begin to give you trouble repairs can often become costly. Upgrading to a new modern boiler has many benefits.

Reasons to upgrade your old boiler
  • New boilers are often now wall mounted and save a lot of floor space.
  • Modern condensing technology in new boilers provide greater energy efficiency with 95% AFUE or greater, saving you money.
  • Old boiler systems are often over sized and waist energy.
  • Combi-boilers can be installed which also heat your domestic hot water, saving you money and space.
  • New boiler installations include replacing all the old components around your boiler, complete with a new warranty.
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Radiant heating systems

Hydronic Radiant Heating Installations.

Hydronic radiant heating is the preferred household heating method in many countries around the world. Radiant heating systems provide efficient and clean home comfort. Many modern homes or recently renovated homes now regularly install some variety of radiant heating systems such as floor heating.

Imperial Energy offers mechanical design and installation of these systems.

If you already have a set of mechanical plans and require a professional HVAC company. We will be happy to provide you a price to supply the equipment, materials and perform the installation.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Hydronic Air Handlers / Fan Coils.

Hydronic Air Handlers can be found in many homes and condos across the GTA. They are available in small duct high-velocity and low velocity variations. As opposed to using a typical forced air furnace, hydronic air handlers use heating coils heated by hot water supplied from a boiler or a tankless water heater. These units also supply the cooling for your home with the simple additional of a cooling coil and outdoor condenser

Here are some reasons you may want to choose a hydronic forced air system for your new design, renovation or system replacement:

  • Hydronic air handlers air comparatively smaller than a traditional furnace. This can allow for greater installation flexibility.
  • Hydronic air handlers provide heating and cooling as a complete central air system.
  • Hydronic air handlers can be part of a standard low-velocity ducting system or a small duct high-velocity system.
  • Hydronic air handlers are a low heat system, meaning they do not introduce over heated dry air from your vents causing wider temperature swings. They can provide comfortable heating for any size home.
  • Hydronic air handlers pair perfectly with radiant infloor systems. They allow for a central cooling system along with supplemental heating, as the system will already have an appropriate hot water heating source installed.
  • Hydronic air handlers can be incorporated as part of a Greener HVAC System.
Bosh Hydronic Air Handler
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Driveway Heating

Snow & Ice Melts Systems.

Driveway Heating System Installations

Driveway heating systems are hydronic systems intended to augment the removal of snow and ice by circulating a heat transfer fluid (usually a glycol and water mixture) through PEX pipes installed within the SIM area.

Driveway heating systems are used across North America for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and public applications

Benefits of Driveway Heating
  • Convenience
  • Safety for residents and customers
  • Reduced liability exposure
  • Lowered operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Long-lasting reliability
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