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Gas Furnace Installation

Furnace Replacements and New Installations.

Time to replace your old furnace?

Whether your furnace equipment has broken down or you are just planning to replace an old unit, we know that searching for a new furnace installation can be very confusing. With so many brands, models, features, efficiencies and installation concerns; Imperial Energy will take the time needed to make sure the equipment you buy is the right fit for your application in both residential or commercial buildings.

Reasons to upgrade your Furnace
  • Modern gas furnaces are more energy efficient and increase home comfort
  • Modern gas furnaces come in a variety of models with different feature sets to suit any home
  • A new furnace means a new warranty
  • Modern gas furnaces are self diagnostic. They can tell you exactly what is wrong in the event of a problem

Think Green, Think Efficient

What Are Cold Air Climate Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps are electric heating and cooling devices that extract heat from the air and transfer it either inside or outside your home. Heat pumps are essentially advanced Air Conditioners that are able to completely reverse their function and efficiently generate heat in your home during the cold winter months. Where an air conditioner is designed to only extract heat from your home and replace it with cool air, a heat pump is capable of both. Heat pumps have been available for decades, however only in the past 10-15 years have more advanced units been engineered that are suitable for use in cold northern climates. Now that these technologies are available, heat pumps can be utilized far more widely then ever before. Dual fuel systems that include the highest efficiency gas furnaces paired with low ambient heat pumps are becoming increasingly more popular in urban centers.

toronto cold climate air source heat pumps
Ductless Living Room
Ductless Heating & Cooling Products
Ductless Heating and Cooling products can be a home comfort dream for older properties without central air. They are ideal solutions for homes and businesses that struggle with heating or cooling certain rooms. Maybe you just need cooling and heating for an unconditioned space such as a garage? Ductless products come in a wide variety of options, from residential applications to commercial applications, single-zone cooling only units, heat pumps, complex multi-zone application and even natural gas wall mounted furnaces. There is likely a ductless product we can install to increase the comfort in almost any space.
High-Velocity Heating and Cooling Products
High-Velocity SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) Systems work on the principle of pressure rather than air volume. It is quite different than a conventional furnace or air handler. The main difference being that the supply ductworks are all “small diameter” or “mini duct”. This makes it very easy to install inside existing walls or attics with minimal construction. High Velocity systems provide your home or business with the most even air temperatures of any cooling or heating system available.
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