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Air Source Heat Pumps are electric heating and cooling devices that extract heat from the air and transfer it either inside or outside your home. Heat pumps are essentially advanced Air Conditioners that are able to completely reverse their function and efficiently generate heat in your home during the cold winter months. Where an Air Conditioner is designed to only extract heat from your home and replace it with cool air, a Heat Pump is capable of both. Heat Pumps have been available for decades, however only in the past 10 years or so have more advanced units been engineered that are suitable for use in a cold northern climates. Now that these technologies are available, heat pumps can be utilized far more widely then ever before. Duel fuel systems that include the highest efficiency gas furnaces paired with low ambient heat pumps are becoming increasingly more popular in urban centers.

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During the warm summer months, Air Source Heat Pumps work in cooling mode. They completely reverse their function and remove warm air from your home. They are very efficient at cooling and in many cases provide better cooling performance than standard air conditioners.



Many Heat pump systems are equipped with Inverter compressors or variable speed air handlers that will provide your home with only the necessary amount of heating and cooling required. As opposed to traditional on/off style compressors or motors that will cycle 100% on and then off allowing for much greater temperature swings in your home.



Air source heat pumps have proven to reduce electricity consumption by up to 50% and in some cases even more. They are the perfect alternative to electric resistance heating. Heat Pumps also have the added bonus of high performance air conditioning.



These systems will help reduces the cost of heating with oil or propane and will drastically reduces the cost of heating with electric resistance like baseboard or electric furnaces. The air they produce is moister and a humidifier is not required as is the case with a gas Furnace. Heat pumps also have “green” benefits, as they do not pollute the environment. Other systems, such as oil furnaces, produce more pollution during combustion.



This is data collected by Hydro One that effectively illustrates the operating costs of a high performance air source heat pump vs. electric resistance heating. Our experience with these systems back up these conclusions and we have seen in some circumstances where savings have exceeded 60%.

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A properly installed heat pump will provide you heating and cooling comfort for years after installation. However a heat pump is a far more complex machine and requires very experienced professionals to install them. Many air conditioning technicians will claim they can properly install a heat pump, we have seen the result of these claims. There are installation practices that a highly trained, experienced heat pump technician will use that allows the unit to operate at its peak efficiency, drastically reduce costly repair calls and unexpected system down time. At Imperial Energy we employ highly trained and experienced technicians. We successfully install over 100 new heat pump systems every year.

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-10C +

Ductless Heat Pumps or Mini-Split Systems are heating and cooling equipment that can be installed in homes or unconditioned spaces without central air ducting. They boast very efficient performance, zoned comfort, quiet operations and many of the same and more technologies of their ducted counter-parts. Ductless Heat Pumps in most case are not approved as primary heating equipment, although they can be used up to 90% of the heating season. They are generally installed and used as supplementary heating and cooling to a primary heat source such as a boiler or electric baseboards common in older homes. Standard ductless heat pumps can typically provide heat down to -5C and more advanced units can reach -30C and beyond.


-15C +

Efficiently operating down to -15C. Ducted low ambient units can be installed and used as a primary heating source or a supplementary heating source. Used as a supplementary heating source these units will help reduce costly oil and propane consumption. Also achieving a lowered carbon footprint. They have proven to work very well as a primary heating source in condo’s and town homes with all electric central air. Savings have proven to be up to 60% vs. electric resistance only. When temperatures do become too cold for the heat pump to provide the necessary heating. Auxiliary heating sources are installed. Advanced high efficiency gas furnaces with A.F.U.E. ratings up to 98% are often used as an auxiliary source for the home.


-30C +

Cold Climate Certified Heat Pumps can be ducted and ductless solutions designed to operate in very low outside temperatures. Some products are available that can efficiently heat down to -30C or below before any supplementary heating is required. These units are incredibly efficient and can produce winter operating costs comparable to natural gas heat sources. Cold Climate Certified system are engineered for operation in cold northern climates. They use advanced technologies allowing them to extract heat from very cold air. These systems are an effective alternatives to Geothermal, oil and propane heating. If propane is your backup fuel source, hydronic heating coils pair very nicely with these systems.

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