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Hydronic Radiant Heating

Hydronic radiant heating is the preferred household heating method in many countries around the world. Radiant heating systems provide efficient and clean home comfort. Many modern homes or recently renovated homes now regularly install some variety of radiant heating systems such as infloor heating. Imperial Energy offers complete mechanical engineering and installation of these systems. We begin by sitting down with you in our office or during a conference call to help you design a hydronic heating system for your new build or renovation. If you already have a set of mechanical plans and require a professional HVAC company. We will be happy to provide you a price to supply the equipment, materials and perform the installation.

Hydronic Infloor Heating

Infloor Radiant heat provides numerous benefits, including improved comfort, reduced allergens, and consistent temperatures. It is also known for being quieter and more energy efficient than a forced air heating system. In a ‘Infloor’ radiant system, warm water flows through tubing embedded in the floor structure and heats the surface and room to a even temperature. Infloor heating can be zoned to provide customized operation for various areas of the home.

Hydronic Radiant Infloor Heating Mechanical Engineering Toronto

Hydronic Snow Melt / Driveway Heating Systems

Residential Snow & Ice Melting systems take the stress out of keeping winter driveways, walkways and stairs clear and safe. Snow & Ice Melting systems circulate warm fluid through special radiant tubing buried in concrete, asphalt or a sand bed. The fluid heats the slab until it is warm enough to melt the snow and ice.

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Typical Infloor Heating Applications

There are many different ways to have a hydronic infloor heating system installed in your home. The following are the most widely used installation methods and are proven effective. There are different types of products specifically designed for installing infloor heating systems available and we are willing to entertain using those options.

Concrete Slab

Most commonly installed for slab on grade homes and basements. Tubing is burred with in the structural concrete slab using wire mesh and cable ties or rigid thicker high density foam panels. This application offers very consistent temperatures, slow cool down times and gives your home even and efficient heating.

Existing Over Pour

Installed over a existing concrete floor or sub-floor. The piping can be stapled directly to the concrete, a thin layer of insulation or attached to a mesh. A thin layer of concrete is then poured over the piping. This system is commonly used for basement renovation projects and upper floors where weight and overall floor height may need to be restricted.

Below Sub-floor

Also known as a “staple up” installation. The tubing is installed directly underneath the sub-floor. The tubing can be secured directly with staples, metal channels or routed through holes in engineered joists. It’s important to insulate the joist space underneath the tubing to make sure the heat is directed upwards. A more flexible tubing is preferred with this type of installation to reduce any possible noise from the expansion and contraction of the tubing under the floor.

Above Sub-floor

When installation below the sub-floor is not suitable or desired. The tubing can be installed directly on top of the sub-floor with a thin layer of concrete poured above it. There are also specially designed panels available to eliminate the need for concrete. Again it is important to insulate the joist space underneath the floor to keep the heat from going in the wrong direction.

We Install Modern Radiators

Are you renovating your property and would like your old cast iron radiators updated to match the new look?

Looking for extra luxuries such as towel warmers?

Todays modern radiators are sylish and functional.

Featured Product

Canadian Made: IBC Boilers

Top hydronic professionals regard IBC as one the best boilers on the Market today. Canadian made IBC Boilers offers a variety of models to choose from. Amazing features such Wi-Fi connectivity, industry leading turn down ratios and stainless steel fire tub heat exchangers. IBC Boilers will serve your hydronics need for many years to come. IBC also offeres a registered limited life-time warranty on their heat exchangers.

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