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Green HVAC Heat Pumps

Air-To-Water Source Heat Pumps.

Air-to-water source heat pumps are a green energy alternative new to the residential Canadian market. These systems function by using an outside air source heat pump to extract heat from the air. The system stores the heat in a hot water heating coil that's warming the water. It is then transferred to a buffer/storage tank inside your home. From there, the water will be distributed into other HVAC equipment such as an infloor heating system, radiators, hydronic ducted and ductless fan coils, and domestic hot water tanks. These systems are not all dissimilar from geo-thermal (ground source) heating systems. The advantage with systems like this is that they can be installed in almost any area, urban or rural. They don’t require any excavation of your property and they also cost considerably less than a geo-thermal system. These systems can also provide efficient and comfortable air conditioning.


Some reasons to consider air-to-water source heat pumps:

  • Lower investment cost
  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Lowered electrical requirements
  • You feel more comfortable having gas as a back up heating source during the coldest winter days


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