Bosch Hydronic Air Handling Unit

hydronic heating

Hydronic Systems.

Hydronic systems use the thermal transfer of water to create a warm comfortable home. These systems will generally require some gas burning equipment to operate, much like dual fuel systems. For example, a ductless wall mounted heat pump will provide an additional green heating source. Hydronic fan coils with air source heat pumps are commonly paired. For domestic water heating, we can install modern tankless units with EF (energy factor) ratings up to 0.99. Hydronic heating systems can operate from a single large main heating source, meaning a single gas burning unit can supply the heating for the entire system.


Some reasons to consider hydronic heating systems:

  • You would like infloor heating
  • You want a greener way to heat water
  • You already have radiant heat and no ducts
  • Hydronic heating is just more appealing to you


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