spacepak with ducts
High Velocity

High-velocity systems move air through smaller ducts at a much faster rate than a typical low velocity system. This method allows for there to be less air loss in the ductwork which keeps your air quality more consistent and efficient. The key feature to it’s even distribution of air is that the air pressures will remain exactly the same at the beginning of the system and at the end of the system. Regardless of how many ducts or the length of ducts used, this pressurized system avoids dust and mold build-up ensuring that you are always breathing clean fresh air. Older homes are especially easy to outfit with a high-velocity system because high-velocity ducts are small and require a fraction of the space regular HVAC ducts do. These systems can also be outfitted with hydronic air handlers to provide extremely even and comfortable heating using tankless water heaters or combi-boilers as the heating source.

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