Mitsubishi Zuba Multi
Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pumps are probably the most popular choice of todays ductless offerings. The reason being they not only provide cooling for your space but they provide supplementary heating. There are some systems that can provide heat down to -30C. Many homes and businesses heating with electricity or boilers desire to be more comfortable during the hot summer. Ductless heat pumps effortlessly provide comfort and cooling. Operation of baseboards/electric resistance heating is costly and often not adequate for a comfortable home in the winter. Heat Pumps have proven to reduce hydro consumption up to 60% vs electric resistance heating while increasing comfort significantly. They will also reduce the amount of heating time produced with alternative heating sources like propane or oil. It should be noted that almost every multi-zone ductless system will be a heat pump capable of some amount of reliable winter heating.

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